Auroville Collaborative

Auroville Collaborative is an Activity Unit of Auroville formed to develop innovative solutions for transportation, communications, housing and other areas for Auroville township through an open collaborative model with internal and external experts. It was founded in 2009 and  currently managed by Auroville Consulting.

The Auroville Green Practices Portal is part of an initiative to create knowledge portals in key areas of Auroville know-how and experiences. Other portals scheduled for development are : Auroville Educational Research portal, Auroville Arts and Culture portal among others.

It is the result of 4 months (Jan- Apr 2010) of intensive efforts by a dedicated core team and some 40 odd contributing experts from various Auroville units and projects. Core team members are:


Left to right: Malia Douglas, Raghu Kolli, Vimal Bhojraj, Oliver Wiebelt, Martin Scherfler, Mamata Volvoikar
Chandresh Patel
Chandresh came to Auroville in 2006 and has started Saracon, an incubator facility for Auroville start-ups. He was based in Silicon Valley previously and co-founded VeriFlow Technologies and CAESIUM. He has over 25 years of experience in hardware design and technology and worked for Amdal and others. He holds a Msc in computer science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (1988) and a degree in electrical engineering from SAICE, Pondicherry. He was a member of AVI, USA and studied in the Ashram school.

Martin Scherfler
Martin is living in Auroville since 2006. Before coming to Auroville he worked with Nistha Rural Health, Education and Environment Centre based in Dharamsala. For the last two years, he has been coordinating the Living Routes Auroville, an educational program that brings students from USA to Auroville to study different aspects of sustainability. He holds a Master degree in Sociology and has several years of experience in research.

Malia Douglas
Malia is a writer and activist with a strong support for environmental causes. She recently graduated in communication and arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. In 2007 she worked with the Western Australian Student Environment Network to organize an environmental conference called Students of Sustainability and has written for magazines and newspapers as a freelance writer.

Mamata Volvoiker
Mamata is a graphic design graduate student at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. A passionate illustrator, she has won many awards and worked on several identity and graphic design projects.

Oliver Wiebelt
Oliver has been volunteering at Auroville and intends to become a newcomer. He is an experienced IT specialist with 11 years of experience in Germany.  He has been setting up servers and software for small and medium sized companies for 4 years and worked with mobile operator clients in deployment of networks for 7 years. Previously, he worked in New York city in import export business as VP and CFO and in an investment bank in Germany.

Raghu Kolli
Raghu is living in Auroville since 2008. Previously, he was a Visiting Professor at the Industrial Design Dept, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (one year), Founder and CEO of Meru Research b.v., Netherlands (10 years) and Assistant Professor at Faculty of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (5 years). He holds a Masters degree in Visual Communications from IIT Bombay (India) and trained in management at INSEAD (France). As a design and management consultant, he worked with several clients and managed large and complex projects related to on-line services, consumer electronics and business applications.

Vimal Bhojraj
Vimal is a young professional living in Auroville since 2004. He has a diploma in Fashion Technology from NIFT-TEA in India and worked for knitwear company CENTWIN for a year. At Auroville, he worked at Upasana Design Studio for five years where he was involved in coordination of several social responsibility projects - Tsunamika, Small Steps and Varanasi Weavers. He shares a passion for photography and was a member of the team that produced communication materials -  brochures, presentations, books and web site at Upasana.

The Auroville Green Practices Portal is made possible through sponsorship of Stichting de Zaaier, Netherlands. It is also supported by various units of Auroville : Auroville Consulting, Auronet, Cynergy Software, Auroville Radio, Auroville Today, SAAIER and Auroville Centre for Scientific Research.

This project is a non-profit activity under the Auroville Foundation.

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