Marc Tormo

Tags: holisitic food systems organic coffee trade hospitality consulting experts
marc_1_mMarc is a coffee roaster, creative cook and food consultant. In 2008, he founded Coffee Ideas, a business unit of Auroville that roasts and distributes organic coffee. Since 2002, he has been a consultant to several clients : Le Café (Pondicherry), Neemrana Group of Hotels (New Delhi), Eco-café (Chennai) among others. Previously, he opened two cafes in Granollers, Barcelona and was co-owner of Tormo A & Asociados, Barcelona which promoted quality coffee, teas and chocolates. He organizes tours to promote awareness in his consumers of the coffee production cycle and its environmental impact, emphasizing a holistic food approach.


Martin Scherfler

Tags: project management social research experts
Martin is living in Auroville since 2006. Before coming to Auroville he worked with Nistha Rural Health, Education and Environment Centre based in Dharamsala. For the last two years, he has been coordinating the Living Routes Auroville, an educational program that brings students from USA to Auroville to study different aspects of sustainability. He holds a Master degree in Sociology and has several years of experience in research. Martin is a co-founder of Auroville Consulting.



Minhaj Ameen

Tags: renewable energy market research energy policy project management business development carbon offsetting experts
min_1_mMin returned to India in 2006 to live in Auroville. He was a team member of AuroRE, a business unit of Auroville that develops and provides renewable energy solutions for lighting, water heating and transportation. He worked on several consultingassignments for NGOs and Government agencies in areas of carbon offsetting, sustainable development, energy policy and rural empowerment. Prior to Auroville, he was a project management and business consultant at IBM, UK. He received his MBA from Manchester Business School, UK and bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vikram University, India.



Mona Doctor-Pingel

Tags: landscaping green architecture baubiologie interiors
mona_mMona graduated from the School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad and did her masters in Germany on Appropriate Technology at Flensburg University. She is practicing in Auroville since 1990.  Her Studio offers a personalised approach to holistic solutions for designing and building - stressing on research in the fields of Baubiology ( Building Biology) and activating the five senses through architecture, interiors and landscaping while combining beauty and functionality. Sustainability for her is a way of life and not an add-on. She has also been a core group member of the Dreamcatchers, a forum for envisioning and participatory city planning. She is currently a member of L'Avenir d' Auroville, Auroville's Town Planning and Development Group.

Paul Blanchflower

Tags: eco restoration afforestation landscaping land resource management experts
paul_1_mPaul has over twenty years of experience in forestry and landscaping. He arrived in Auroville in 1991 from Scotland after graduating in Forestry and Ecology at Edinburgh University. He founded the Auroville Botanical Gardens in 2000 that offers a variety of services for land management and landscaping. He is currently engaged in developing the gardens with emphasis on environmental education for the local school children. His recent projects include a resort landscape for Mahindra Hoildays, anda landscape for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chennai in addition to other projects in Kashmir, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.




Prashant Hedao

Tags: ecological landscaping integrated planning GIS analysis experts
prasanth_1_mPrashant is an Environmental Planner and GIS Analyst with over 20 years of experience in using GIS in various fields such as Ecological Planning and Biodiversity Conservation. Previously, he worked with ESRI, USA and with World Wildlife Fund-US on biodiversity conservation projects in Asia, South America, Africa and the US. Since return to India in 2003, he worked on long-term Tsunami rehabilitation planning through Auroville Coastal-area Development Centre. Till recently, he was the Regional PlanningCoordinatorat L’avenir d’Auroville and a consultant to Environment Agency (EAD), Abu Dhabi UAE. He holds a bachelors degreein Architecture from JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. 




Priya Vincent

Tags: organic farming organic gardening soil building home gardening experts
priya_1_mPriya founded the Buddha Garden in Auroville in 2000. Starting with a degraded one-acre plot, she passionately developed it into a thriving 12 acre organic farm that supplies vegetables and fruit to Auroville kitchens and hosts courses in organic farming for volunteers. She was led to the field of organic farming by a search for methods of sustainable living with a closer connection to the earth after working for fifteen years in market research companies. She completed a doctorate in sociology from the University of Surrey, UK and authored two books on pregnancy and birthing and a third called How My Garden Grew (Auroville Press, 2002).



Rene Janssen

Tags: baubiologie project management

reneRené studied electrical engineering and worked as project manager in the Netherlands. Knowing that EMF influences electrical equipment, he started wondering what the influence would be on living beings. This brought him to the building biology. Building Biology caught his enthusiasm immediately. Since all aspects of building and construction have been of a great interest, every previous experience fell in place into one vast subject, Building Biology. He followed the training from the Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern (IBN) to become a certified building biologist (Baubiologe IBN). Additionally he trained to become a measuring technician according the SBM 2008 standard. He initiated the Centre for building biology in Auroville. Apart from doing house investigations and EMF assessments he is currently involved in various construction projects in and around Auroville. Placing the Building Biology at the centre of all his activities.


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